Planet Rye Co : An Evening In Bastrop (2002)

This oddity mainly consists of the infamous "Japanese Sunset, Japanese Clothes" session, in which Marcus Cordova, manager of Discount Tires, stops by to join in on some improv mantras.

Planet Rye Co : October Spice On Flowers (2002)

More Autumn delights, featuring the classic Halloween sound-play "Bastrop Mansion".

Planet Rye Co : Emerald Wood Winter (2001)

More or less outtakes from the previous three albums, though it includes some arrestingly odd gems such as "Science Class Grade 7 Trip" and "The Den"; an aural exploration of a man in his comfortable evening den. Recorded Summer-Winter 2001.

Planet Rye Co : Christmas Lights (2001)

A personal favorite, featuring several interesting Fall and Winter tinged tunes, including the lovely title track, which blends shades of folk, jazz, and, believe it or not, Gregorian chants. Recorded Fall-Winter 2001.

Planet Rye Co : West Austin Day and Dusk (2001)

A dark and murky cobbling of evil bells, screams, and a 20 minute piece entitled "Garden; Your Flowers (On the Lawn); With An Applesack". Recorded Fall 2001.

Planet Rye Co : Strange Sounds (2001)

The first batch of Planet Rye Co recordings, recorded in the Summer of 2001. Featuring the Barrett-esque stomp of "Lurk" and the Red Krayola inspired title track; 11 minutes of bottles, forks on plates and fan grates, and screaming.