Planet Rye Co : Spooky Tapes (2009)

A double album of outtakes, alternate mixes, & various oddities, some of which are simply too spooky for most folks. Be the judge...


Planet Rye Co : British Torture (2009)

The intoxicated result of an all night recording session and meeting of the minds for the boys and English export Davey Peake, who records back home in Market Drayton, England as The 6 O'clock Phantoms. Full of abominable clangs, bangs, screams, and schemes. Check out the godawful mess of "Clang Bang Chain".

Planet Rye Co : 2007-2008 Singles (2008)

Another collection of perfect and near-perfect singles; all classics, all timeless- all yours!

Planet Rye Co : House On 3-D Hill (2007)

An instrumental record featuring some wonderfully creepy recordings, such as the haunting "Juniper and Tidings", & the doom psych title track. A fine album.

Planet Rye Co : 2005-2006 Singles (2006)

Some of the best songs ever written and some of the best recordings ever recorded. No joke. Too many classics to name. Timeless and amazing. The best album ever.

Planet Rye Co : The Danglefern Chimney (2005)

Another favorite, full of demented Christmas and Halloween classics, such as "T'wixt, T'were, T'was Christmas", "Oh, Ghost", "Fireplace", & "Winter Feast".

Planet Rye Co : Abandoned Tracks (2004)

A collection of unfinished and abandoned... tracks. Including the ridiculous "Ape Escape" & mind boggling "Cinnamon Woodshop" EPs from a particularly slow year.

Planet Rye Co : EP Collection (2003)

Planet Rye Co's 4 EPs; 2001's "Pumpkins and Candles", & 2003's "West Texas Evening", "Halloween Scene", & "Dead Fall". Some classics here, such as "Light Up Monster Head Flashlights", "Halloween A-Z", and "Witching Hour Bell Tower".

Planet Rye Co : Gardening (2003)

A classic concept record. Themes of ancient aliens, the history of man, and the planet Earth... heavy shit, indeed. Including such classics as "Gardening Can Be Fun", "I Can Dig Rain", & "Be Kind, Noon High".

Planet Rye Co : Rain Door (2003)

Recorded June-July of 2003, this record tries in essence to capture the more psychedelic qualities of Summertime in Texas, but more or less is yet another weird record with some entertaining moments.

Planet Rye Co : Outtake Tomb (2003)

A collection outtakes from 2001-2003, including some worthy contenders like "Elizabethan Masquerade" and "The Quest For Vegetation".

Planet Rye Co : Walls (2003)

One of the least listened to albums of all time. Download it to find out why.